And then the tunnel collapsed...

Well, I have to apologize for faking ya'll out about having this baby today. We too were faked. An hour before going to the hospital, it's manditory to call the hospital to make sure there are available spots in the hospital and that everything is in the clear. So we did. Initially, they told us there weren't beds ready yet until 7 or 7:30 so they'd call us back. Around 6, they called back and informed us that my doctor was too full and couldn't see us anymore today and that we'd have to revert back to inducing on Friday. Not good news, not good news at all. Joe had talked to them and as I heard Joe's voice become disppointed, I knew it wasn't going to happen today. And after this whole pregnancy, should I be surprised? I kind of just knew in the back of my mind that something wrong would happen today or it wouldn't work out. I just don't understand why my Dr. didn't listen to me earlier when I wanted to induce earlier. So since it was schedule so late, the date is so late and now i'll have the baby the 20th and then Joe goes to school on the 23rd. It's just a whole big disappointment. I know there are alot of you out there who LOVE Dr. Cerny but I don't at all. I regret switching to her. Maybe I had too high of expectations with her from everyone bragging about how wonderful she is. I think it'll just be really frustrating and disappointing if I induce this baby and she's too big and i'll have to have a C-section, which I told the Dr. that is a common reoccurance in my family and didn't want that to happen. So i'm just praying that doesn't or i'll be really mad. So call this my venting session or whatever but I need it cause the end of this pregnancy has just been too emotionally draining for me to handle. And Joe is just as frustrated. I just need to learn some patience...I think that's what the Lords trying to teach me in this trial so i'm trying to have a good attitude about this. It's just hard when everything that could go wrong, does. So I honestly don't know when I will have the good news of having the baby so you'll just have to wait like me :)
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