A light at the end of the tunnel

So I was going to post a picture of me post-due date but I really didn't want to have any memory of me being this big and I don't want anyone to really see me like this...I even contemplated not going to church yesterday since I am now in a state of hibernation. For some reason, I just don't want to see alot of people. But anyways, it's only going to be words for this update.

I guess I"ll start from the beginning. Last Tuesday, the doctor stripped my membrane, hoping i'd go into labor the following day or two. Yet such was not the case. I was then informed to call the doctors on Thursday to have them schedule to induce sometime next week. At that time, the next available day to induce was Friday the 20th...which, back on Thursday, was so far away. I was a little frustrated. No actually I was devistated! That was soo far away and the thought of having this baby inside me for that long made me sick (I should mention that i've lost trust in my body to have this baby on its own so that wasn't even an option anymore) Yet the nurse then mentioned that they put me on the waiting list for Tuesday as well. So I was left with those options, unless miraculously I had the baby on my own. So Saturday night comes around. For the past couple of days, I had noticed that the baby hadn't been moving as much as she did before. She has been all over the place for majority of the pregnancy but then she's stopped. I would have to poke her to see if she was still alive. So I called the doctor and they said to go to the hospital so they can monitor the baby for 30 minutes or so.

So we headed to Methodists and did that and all the admissions stuff. Luckily, after it all, the baby is fine and said I could go home. They then asked if i'm scheduled to induce or just pretty much, when would be the next time they'd see me. I said that my Dr. called last Thursday to schedule and the next available date was the 20th. But then I mentioned that I was on the waiting list for Tuesday. The nurse then says that she'll check the list for Tuesday, see if i've been bumped up thus far. She comes back and says that i'm already scheduled for Tuesday and to come in at 6 am. To Joe and I, that was the best news! That was so much better than Friday! I should mention that Joe starts school on the 23rd so we've been hoping this whole time that she'd come early so he'd be able to help and have baby time. So Tuesday so was nice to hear. So as of right now, I'll have the baby tomorrow!!

It's so weird that now since it's here, i'm a little nervous. Obviously i'm excited but it's a surgical procedure and there is that chance something could go wrong. But I feel like everything will go fine. So unless it comes before tomorrow morning...which is doubtful, very doubtful, Jaime will win the bet. Jaime, you have a knack for these things, i've noticed. How did you know? And for those who think I picked dates to have the baby, don't worry, I didn't. You all know how nurses and hospitals work. Patients are always the last to know things! So I won't congratulate just yet until the baby is actually in my arms! Hopefully next time I blog, i'll have pictures of my new lil' baby, Kate Olivia Zimmerman :)
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