10 Years Ago...

So my sister tagged me with this. She had this elaborate post with tons of pictures so I had to at least try to do the same. I don't have nearly as many pictures as she does but oh well. Here's the tag:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Yikes, has it already been ten years? Well to be specific, I was half way though my 8th grade year, attending Mountain Ridge Junior High. Even more specific is that I was crushing over this kid, of which whom I will not name since some of you know exactly who I'm talking about! My obsession over this kid started in 8th grade. 10 years ago I would be "going out" with him right now, and having a grand old time hanging out with him and his friends. I finished doing cheerleading for the Highland Bears (we're the bears, raging hot,...) and just having fun at school with my friends. I know I had more pictures of me in 8th grade but most of them were tied with that boy. I threw all those away as I was dejunking my stuff, getting ready to move it all in my own home when I got married :) So these are the only decent ones I could find of me back in the days of 1998:

Living proof that I was a Bears' cheerleader. I was tempted to scan the whole squad but seeing how some of you are in that picture, I think we'd all appreciate not scanning that one in...This was taken the day after Halloween so I was pretty tired. But we won the cheer competition that day! We were seriously the best squad!

Here's a random picture of me in school. look at my beautiful long, silky hair!! I miss that! Anyways, Maggie, you'll appreciate that I cropped you out of this picture.
And this is a face shot, my signature move with cameras...I still do that...I know, so odd really.
This is me setting the timer on the camera and posing. I guess I thought I was model material so I practiced some poses.

Ok Next question,

2. 5 Things on my "To Do" list for today:
-Finish Laundry, meaning putting it away
-Find a "baby blanket bag" for Kate because she wakes up freezing every morning!
-shower :)
-Get mail
-Do a scrap page!! (I know, not the most productive day today...:) )

3. 3 Bad habit's that I have:
-Turning TV on in order to get things done
-Not putting dishes away when they are all done and clean
-Staying up late. I don't like going to bed first because I'm the lightest sleeper and know that Joe will just wake me up when he goes to bed. So I tend to stay up when he does...which isn't good when I wake up at 7 every morning!!

4. Place's that I have lived:
Utah, Canada, England, Texas

5. Thing's most people do not know about me:
I had to have braces twice
I retook 2nd grade twice--and not because I was stupid
My eyes change color with what I wear
When I was younger, I loved to turn on my favorite song, leave it on repeat and lay in my bed and think about things, which is somewhat connected to the last one...
If I had my way, I would turn up the AC, jump into bed and lay there all day long and think. (And this isn't a sign of depression)

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