Chocolate and Hearts

Well it's been a crazy past couple of days! I've been so busy. So let me tell you why. My calling in the church is Visiting Teaching Coordinator. For those who don't know what that is, I basically work with the RS president in putting sisters together into companionships for visiting teaching. I have to collect numbers every month. Some of you know how far I go in trying to get sisters to do their visiting teaching. I've done bribes galore! But anyways, that's besides the point. Another responsibility that I have is Visiting teaching interviews. The presidency must meet with the visiting teachers to see how things are going. So in order to get a good number of sisters to sign up for interviews, we bring out the chocolate! This meaning, we had a huge Chocolate Party on Wednesday night. I was put in charge of throwing it together and i've been planning this for a couple of months now. I first just want to thank Julie Bezzant for her help in sending me all the information on the party. A year 1/2 ago, we had our first Chocolate party, hosted by Julie and it went great. So I pretty much just took the same idea and did it again. So here are some pictures from the Chocolate Party.
Here are a few of the chocolate eaters:

L to R Nicole, Kallie, Ashley, Stephanie, Me and Jill

We had some great desserts that people brought. Linsay Jarvis made that amazing chocolate cake! It was so yummy!

And we had a Chocolate fountain!! We had strawberries and marshmellows to dip..yummy!
One side was the dark side, where you guess the percentage of cacao that each piece has. There was a 65, 70 & 80 %...and you haven't had dark chocolate until you've tasted 80%!!
The other side was the milk side. I had 5 different milk chocolates from around the world that sisters had to guess which chocolate was from which country. There was a key for them to help them. Swiss is the best!!
So yesterday, I was recouperating from the day before since it was pretty crazy, setting things up and everything. Joe got home early from school, like 11 am so we were able to spend time with him all day! When he got home from school, he brought home this:

We also drove up to JC Penney's and picked up the pictures that had been taken a few weeks back of Kate and Emma. They are SOO freakin' cute. Here are my gems:

Chubbs McKate is So Chubbilicious!!

For our Valentines day dinner, for tradition, we had our Heart-shaped pizza. But this year, we made it ourselves. We made our FAVORITE pizza in the world! Green Mountain Pizza ( Thank you Jaime! I will never forget this pizza!) So I formed the dough in a heart :) It was actually pretty cool cause Joe and I made it together which most of the time, making something in the kitchen together can be hard and in the way, but it was actually a pleasant experience! So it was a delicious meal!

And I had to throw this picture in since I thought it was pretty funny. We have a file Folder game that has yummy and yucky things. Obviously cigarettes are yucky but Joe thought it was pretty funny to do this with Kate. Kate just sat there with it in her mouth so I took a picture.

We are trying to help her quit, don't worry.

So ya, i've been busy but now everything is back to normal. Now I just need to return to Operation Share Room!

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