My Husband and I

A few of my friends have done this and tagged anyone so i'm doing it too.
My Husband
What is his name? Joseph Daniel Zimmerman

How Long have you been together? We've been married pretty much 3 1/2 years, Aug. 13th, 2004

Here's some "dating" photos, and yes...I did have braces...I still can't believe Joe asked me out!

HOw long did you date? LOL oh love this question! We dated 3 months, engaged for 2 months and then got hitched...ya we're what you call the typical BYU couple, short but sweet :)

How old is he? He is 28, his birthday being August 10th, 3 days before our Anniversary... um, yes when he graduated high school, I was getting ready to attend junior high....yikes

Who eats more? Well at first, he did but now I do. I don't know how that happened. I blame the kids....

Who said I love you first? Joe did, well sort of. It was like a realization:, Um, I think.. I love you!...and I was like, really?!

Here's one of our engagement pictures

Here's some Wedding photos, my mom made my dress!

Who is taller? Joe is, He is 5'10 (on a good day, right?) and i"m 5'6

Who sings better? Um I think we are both musically challenged. I sing anyways cause I love music but he doesn't sing too often...but he probably does.

Who is smarter? Joe is for sure...I had my glory days in high school but i've become more dumb as years go by. I mean, hello? Dental school? I cringe at the stuff they have to learn! I guess I could say i'm smarter in the "arts" but who really cares about that, right?

Who dose the laundry? I do. I am the designated home maker so I take care of all that.
Who pays the bills? I do since I kind of manage the money since i'm home and spend most of it. But luckily, most of it is on-line with auto pay so I don't have to worry too much about it.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are facing the bed, me, since ya, farthest away from window (light) and closer to the bathroom.
Who cooks dinner? I do mostly. There will be days that he'll throw something together. He's good with left overs and creating new things that I would not have thought of. I mean, he was single for a couple of years in which he learned to cook, thank goodness! I am still trying to learn to love cooking. I told Joe that if we had money to spare in the future, that i'd want a personal chef :)

We gratuated together before moving to Texas!
Who mows the lawn? NO one!! yeah! Luckily we don't have to worry about that one quite yet.
Who drives? I usually do since I know most of the roads around here now. Joe, on the other hand, still gets mixed up...after living 2+ years here!! But can you blame him? If it's long distances, then we'll swap. To church, he does always.

Who is more stubborn? We've got our days...I'm not sure which one is more...He says I am, and I say he I guess we are both equally...but maybe me a bit more...

One year anniversary, 8 months pregnant!
Who kissed who first? Well since I was VL up to the that point...oh wait, no that wasn't me. Our first kiss was pretty equal in movement. We both went in for the kill.
Who asked who out first? Joe did. We were in the same ward and it was after a Ward FHE activity that we first "hung out", It was just getting to know each other better. I didn't get a call from him until Saturday, asking to see what I was doing. We hung out that day, playing woofle ball and then we hiked the Y that evening and watched a movie. He didn't call after that till the following Tuesday to hit a 50 cent night movie and that was it! We've been together everyday since! Who proposed? Joe did. We had talked about getting married and I knew it was coming, but just didn't know when. I had picked out the ring through my dad since he works with OC Tanner in SLC. We got a wicked deal on our rings! Anyways, I thought it would be done later than it was. My dad and Joe conspired behind my back with it all. Friday rolls around and i'm heading to Provo after looking at wedding dresses( remember, I only had months to prepare :) ). Joe calls me, a little rushed, asking when i'd be home. He has secretly made reservations at PF Changs, brought me roses and then afterwards, we hike Stewart Falls to overlook the waterfall (I don't recommend hiking this one at 10 pm!!) As we sat there, he pulled out his trusty backpack and unpacked an blanket and some candles to light. Then he proposed!! It was really special and I was so happy..oh and still am :) Afte that , it was still pretty late but he had made me chocolate-covered strawberries to eat! I got home to my apartment around 1:30 and I had left my keys in my apartment! Luckily Jenny, my sister and roommate at teh time, was still awake and let me in. I was then able to retell the tale of the night and show off the was a fun night!Who has more friends? I think I do. Joe is so busy that he doesn't really have time to make and build friends. I, on the other hand, have made great friends and we have some fun times.
Who is more sensative? Me for sure. Joe gives me hard times and stuff, just for fun. But i'm on a different mindset when he does that so I dn't catch it...But we're working on that.

Who has more siblings? Joe does! He is the oldest of 9 kids. I'm the 4th of 6th kids.

Who wears the pants of the family? We're trying figure that one out still. On certain topics, we share but then on some, he does and on others I do...That's a tough one to explain...
Joe, you are such a great husband, father, student provider etc etc! I love you and am so grateful to have you in my life!

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