February Craft Night

So I was able to get some pictures of our craft night from Tilane, which thank you, thank you.  It was last night and we made Diaper Wipee Cases.  Have to thank Jazmin for opening her home to all us crazy girls and showing use how to make them (caution, they can be dangerous: refer to prior post...)  It was a great turn out!  I'm glad ya'll could make it.  And there were some really cute ones made.  Next month, Jenni will show us how to make the cutest baby headband bows ever!! Can't wait!  Here are pictures from the night.

Christine, Jill & Jami...the scrapbooking outcasts ;)
Hillery's cow?, dalmation?, leopard? wipee case, way cute :)
Courtney and Chelsea (who is due any day now!)
Katie, Tilane, Me looking really confused & Courtney
And here are some of the finished products!  There were tons of cute ones!  Good job guys!
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