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Yesterday afternoon, we spent outside enjoying the weather. It was so nice! It was funny because we were inside, trying to figure something fun to do when we get a call from Steve Gibbons inviting us to come meet at "The Hill" Matthew rides down on a toy down the hill. It's pretty hilarious. So we went outside and watched him go do that. Other kids outside came a runnin', wanting to try it out too. Even Jazmin did it! That was pretty funny. Emma tried it once and biffed it pretty hard but she's tough. But she just walked around and enjoyed being outside. Kate did too! She was rolling all over on the dead grass. And luckily, Steve and Jazmin had their camera and took some pics of the kids. They turned out so cute! I love them! Here they are :)

This one should be an advertisement for Crocs or something...She's so adorable really...
Here's the apartment Posse. All those kids are nuts...
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