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Well it seems like forever since posting. Well, on this blog at least. I've just been busy making stuff on my other blog. But life still goes on!

Operation Share Room is completed and a success! Friday night, after weeks of consistancy on Kate's part to sleep soundly all night, I decided to just do it, jump right in and stick them in one room. I also figured it being a weekend, I might get some help from Joe. So I did it. I was freakin' out and nervous! We put Kate in at 7. We then put Emma down at 8. Of course, Kate woke up after trying to whisper Emma's nighttime ritual, which includes like all the nursery songs you can imagine. Kate was crying hysterically because, like our whole family, if you get woken up too early, you are really mad. So then Emma was all curious, wanting to go over there. She wouldn't stay in her bed. So it was a back and forth sort of thing for like 5 minutes. I just decided, well I could do this all night or just leave and see what happens. So I did. Emma kept going over to the crib, trying to take Kate's blankets. That just upset her even more. Joe then interfered. I think Emma listens to Joe...Emma went in her bed...He picked up Kate and calmed her down a bit. He then put her back down. She, of course, was still crying but it was a very tired cry. So he left. The next 10 minutes were hard but once Kate calmed down, there was silence...Emma was in bed. Kate was in bed. They were both asleep. :) Every night since then, we just put them to bed at teh same time. Emma has quickly adapted to Kate's noises and falls asleep immediately. Kate babbles a bit but then falls asleep. In the mornings, it's great. Either Kate wakes up first and Emma is still asleep. Or they wake up together and entertain eachother. I am so glad that it was so easy! Honestly, these girls are the best.! So now I have my room back! I've been crazily creating pages now and I love it :)

And to not leave you with out pictures, here are some from Sunday. We went to the elementary park across the street for a bit.
So happy!!

Kate does awesome with balancing. Joe has done this since she was like 3-4 months!
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