Risky Business

Some might say that crafting is childs play but not in my case. Last night, we had our monthly craft night at Jazmin Gibbon's home. We made some Diaper Wipee Cases. There were really good ones. I'm guessing Jazmin will be posting them soon on her blog. I attempted to make one but it was a sad excuse for a case. Ugly even...So i'm not taking a picture of it. Plus mid-way through the night, I burned my hand, exihibit A:

It is a 2nd degree burn or at least that's what Steve said it was. I trust him thought since he's 2nd year medical student. So my crafting came to a early close that night. I had to sit and just ice my hand while everyone else finished their cases. I want to thank Jill for helping me finish mine! And of course, it was my right hand that got attacked. So how did I burn it? Well the main tool for this project is a hot glue gun. I was glueing my fabric on and as I was trying to stretch the fabric to glue it, I accidently grabbed the fresh, hot glue side. It wasn't that bad, but that skin was a bit sensative. Then I did it again! And the outcome of it is what you see. So I'm out of commission for anything right now. I don't want to pop the blister. So anyways, crafting can be very dangerous!
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