Operation "Share Room" Underway

So my Operation "Share Room" has been going full force now. This operation is divided into several phases. Phase One of Operation "share room" is complete. What is Phase One? Well about a month ago, Kate was waking up around 5 every morning, for no reason. I know she wasn't hungry so I just couldn't figure it out! Around that time anyways, her schedule was in need of transition. She was still taking 3 naps but really needed to merge into 2 naps a day. I had a feeling that that was the culprit of her waking up at 5. So after days of transition with her sleeping schedule, we had her down to 2 naps a day. During Phase One, I started Phase Two. Phase Two was to teach Kate how to fall asleep on her own. Or in other words, "crying it out". It took only 2 days for her to do it. But now she doesn't need a pacifier or me to keep putting it into her mouth. She's learned to sleep with arms out as they hit her in the face. I know some of you are just thinking, wow, she's a...well I won't finish that sentence...But crying it out can sound pretty harsh but it really isn't. I have found it is the only way to teach babies to fall asleep on their own. Once they are able to do that, they sleep better, which means they nap better and are much more content in the day. Really, the hardest part is the the first day. Once you get past that, it significantly gets easier. Babies are pretty adaptable.

So that was phase Two. Phase Three is currently taking place. I am taking away the "dream feed" from her schedule. What is the "dream Feed?" you ask? Well, I am a follower to The Baby Whisperer, who suggests giving babies a dream feed. This means that you've put the baby to bed somewhere between 7 and 8. Then between 10 & 11, you sneak into the babies' room and feed her, trying not the wake her up. This way, she's now "filled up" and won't wake up until much later. It's been a great thing and i've become very dependent. You know, I start to think that she really "needs" that feed, that through that, it's the only way she's sleeping through the night. Well I know this isn't true. Kate is well past that time and should be sleeping through the night with no problems. So last night was the first night that I didn't give her the dream feed and she slept soundly through 7. So that is a relief.

Once that is consistent and concrete, I'll move to Phase Four...which is the last phase. Putting Kate and Emma in the same room...dun dun DUN. The thought scares the bageezes out of me! But it must be done and can be done! I know it can. I have friends that have proven this to me. But those of you out there that have multiple kids that share rooms, please tell me what you did!! I'm serious. I want to know all angles on this. I just have nightmares of how it could all turn out. Phase Four is approaching soon so anything will help! Once Operation "Share Room" is over, I'll move into Operation "Get Emma Out of those Freaking Diapers!!!" I don't even want to go there till the first operation is done and final. So please, any advice is wanted!!
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