The Contest...continued...

So I just had to add this in on here because it's both hilarious and disappointing to what some moms will do.  
So the website that the contest is on for Kate has been kind of shifty today because they have been doing some site work.  So trying to vote for Kate again for the day hasn't happened yet.  It still isn't allowing me.  But I guess for some parent's out there, it is still allowing them to vote multiple times...and when I say multiple times, i mean hundreds!  
If you go on to the site and see results from the voting, one particular contestant has like 234 votes in only the first day!  The reason I found this out is I had emailed the lady in charge of the votes, asking if it not allowing me to vote was normal.  She responded back saying that they are fixing some problems because some people were voting more than once a day, like one mom voted for her baby 150+ times just this morning!
Talk about determined to get their kid a $25 gift certificate!  lol so it's funny to me how much people will go to have their kids win..but it's just disappointing to what costs they will go to do that.  Anyways, i'll let you know what happens next  :)
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