A time to reflect

Yep, this is a reflection post. And it helps that my camera is broken and so I haven't been able to take pictures this past week. It's been an eventful week however and hopefully soon, my camera will be fixed. Joe is now officially done with 3rd year and with it comes the pressure of answering all the "what am I going to do with my life?" questions that we've been asking ourselves for the past 3 years. 

There are so many options for Joe. Everyday we'll talk about another option. So it gets repetitive and frustrating trying to figure out what he truly wants to do. So that's what we'll be discussing everyday until he figures that out. This isn't a post about venting about Joe and him not deciding. I don't mind all the ongoing conversations because I want him to figure out what he wants to do and not to be rushed or settle for something that he'll regret years down the road.
 So he has been shadowing his options and studying for the GRE, which he'll be taking June 5th. So now we just see and wait as time goes on and applications become due. Anyways, hopefully soon, we'll have a more set future plan on that so we can then start planning the next step of where we want to live...that one is a toughy. Anywhere is an option!  Anyways, I won't go into that because that's a whole other post itself.

The other night, I had to go to the Texas Med Clinic for an infection that I potentially had.  I got there around 8 pm and didn't get home until 10:15...and it costed $150 since I don't have insurance for myself.  And after all that, they didn't find an infection at the moment but was going to send off my result to another laboratory and do a further study.  I won't find out real result until Monday.  So that stinks.  I just want my medication but I guess I can suffer for a few more days...  so yes, I am venting about that.

Yesterday, we went to Sea World.  We were all excited to take the girls to the water park for the first time this year.  We get everything packed, girls dressed.  We get there, in the thick heat that I love so much and the water park is closed!!  boo hoo!  Well great, what to do now?  I'm not about to just walk around in this weather!  They did have a little area for small kids that dealt with water so we went there for a bit.  But of course, Emma was scared of the water in all forms so she wouldn't play in it.  It was too cold for Kate so we ended up just holding our kids in 100 degree weather.  It was kind of funny and ironic that our kids were scared of water when that was the whole purpose of going and for how hot it was.  So we ended up going to look at the dolphins and the shark aquarium.  That was pretty cool.  Afterwards, we left and relaxed the rest of the day.  Today we'll probably just relax too, unless Joe wants to take a study break or something.

Some of my goals this summer are as follows:
  1. potty train Emma.  She is well over due and I think she is ready.  It's really me that is not allowing it to happen.  I mean, she'll be 3 in September.  I for sure want her trained my 3!  And since this next month, Joe will be home, I think it will be a great time so I can get some help and support.  Things seem to go well with Joe's help.
  2. Completely wean Kate.  I've gone down to 2 feeds a day now, morning and night.  But by the time she's one, I want those off too.  She's doing well with other liquids and milk so I think it'll be fine.
  3. Do something for Kate's 1st birthday.  I am not sure if I want to do a whole huge shabang party but I probably will because, I mean, it's her first!
  4. Lose these last wretched 10 lbs that just don't seem to go away.
  5. My mom is the bomb and made like a gazillion file folder stuff for the kids, like sunday boxes and scripture stories for FHE and just teaching the scriptures.  So I want to organize and finish those up so I can start using them
So on the matters of my goals, I want to ask any of you out there with tips on potty training.  I have asked some of you but I just want a wide variety of options incase Emma is difficult to train.  So please, any advise or help would be great!!
And thank you everyone for your help with Kate's contest and voting for her!  Keep it up! :)
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