A year in the making...

Usually, the term "A year in the making" is an exaggeration. Well not in this case. This past weekend has been planned for seriously a year. How come? Well my great friend, Jaime Blaisdell & my sister, Katie, came to visit! It has taken much preparation for it and you'll see why as you read on....and FYI, it's a long post :) Oh if you want a very detailed description of this past weekend, visiting here.  This is my sister's blog and she is great at writing stories!

Jaime flew in Wednesday night and stayed with Hillery. They came over to Jazmin's and hung out with us as we were getting things made for our Twilight party that would be on Friday night :) So we had each day planned out with fun activities. On thursday morning, a few of us went to the San Marcos Outlet malls...OMG, this place is huge!! I honestly can't describe the ginormousness of it. Just know that if you are in the area, you have to go! Got some great deals there and i'll be going back again

Here's Christine, me, Jaime and Hillery with our kids

Thursday night, we went and ate at Rudy's for some good old fashion BBQ and everything else. It was yummy. And it was fun to be with our friends and our husbands of course. We had found a baby sitter, which was probably good since Emma would be freakin' out. So here we are...I apologize for the grease face...It was a hot day and waited in the hot line to get our hot food :)
me and Jaime :)
Now Friday, we had a playgroup in the morning to hang out while the kids hung out too. Then it was the infamous Twilight Party!!

Look at this table!!

Hillery, Jamie and Jami preparing food
Jami, Hillery, Jazmin, Jill, Jaime, Katie and Me
Our place setting...YUMMY FOOD
Katie, Christine, Jill, Hillery, Jami, Jamie, Jazmin, Amber and Me eating dinner
OH, how could you not like Twilight?  lol
Me, Katie and Jaime

Fun Times!!
Christine aka Vanna White doing our Twilight Jeopordy...yes we are that obsessed!
Here's the Twilight Crew:

Jill, Christine, Jazmin, Amber, Jami, Jamie
Me, Katie, Jaime & Hillery
Here are the finalists in Jeopordy.
Jaime-1st place

Jami-2nd place

Jazmin-3rd place

Fangs! We love our vampires :)

So as the party was coming to a close, there was talk of doing a midnight movie of Baby Mama...so we did. SOOO tired but SOOO fun with the ones you love!
Christine, Katie and me ( not pictured is Jaime and Jill)
Saturday, Katie and I slept in, missing the bakery run that everyone else did. But we went downtown to do the whole riverwalk and Alamo thing with Katie. We met at Katie's hotel and then walked over. We did a river boat tour and it was fun...
Jamie, Jill, me and Kate
Christine, Katie, Jami, and Jaime

Kate and Jami...Kate did awesome and so glad she so good since I had to drag her around this whole weekend.

So it was fun until the boat "master" told us to be quiet since it was a narrarated tour. So this is me shhhhing the camera...but honestly, he was talking in a huge blaring microphone..how could we talk over that?
The Alamo!
The guns!
Serious family shot
Next, we ate at Casa Rio for Lunch on the river walk. So yummy.  But we did have a slow waiter!  We almost did a dine-n-ditch, which would have been funny!
Katie, Me, Kate, Jami, Jill, Christine, Jamie and Jaime
Cutie Kate, she really was such a good girl!
Next was the secretive Shower  that Christine, Jami and I put together.  We distracted Jaime and Jamie so we could get everything together to have a card-making night/surprise shower for the two of them.  Jamie is having a boy and Jaime is keeping it a surprise!  So while the girls went to do pedicures, we got things up and running.  I was so glad that they didn't find out.  So they were totally surprised and we had lots of fun.  

I made some cash cans for $$ donations for the mothers-to-be so they wouldn't have to haul presents back home.  I think they got a large sum!

Jami, Jaime, Hillery and me sneaking into the picture
The 3 pregnant ladies, Jami, Jaime and Jamie :)
Card making!

Katie and I caught in a "laughing tornado!" (That's our sister-sister term we use when we are having a laughing attack!)
Pretending to be like my other sister, Jenny, and farting on Katie's lap..wha wha
spirit fingers!
me Katie and Jaime
me, Jaime, Jami and Christine, on the couch, waiting for the office
looking at stuff
Office watchers

WOW, seriously, that was the busiest weekend ever.  We did so much in such a small amount of time!  I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a fun, out of control sister who will fly to SA just for the love of Twilight!  (yes, sadly, Twilight was Katie's first priority, then meeting Jaime, then me, her sister..wha wha)
Katie, I love you so much and I'm glad we had a "Katie-Lyssa" bonding time.  It was so fun.  I'm glad we were able to hang out, free of family and kids.  I"m so lucky to have such great friends who welcomed my sister and made her feel like one of the girls!  I hope you come out and play again!  

And thanks for everyone who helped with this weekend, whether it was planning, cooking, making, crafting, helping, laughing, crying, dancing, farting, wheeling, speeding, shhhhing, yelling, sleeping, fighting, eating, reading, or just having some plain FUN!
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