Good Ol' Ebay

So if you've been reading these posts from me, you would now about Emma and her doggie that she likes to drag around everywhere.  The picture above shows the item in which I am discussing in Emma's arms.  And the problem with that is the possibility of losing it.  And a couple of times, she has left it at friend's houses and i've had to go get it because she won't take a nap with out it.  And That's been my fear ever since Emma became attached to the doggie if we ever permanently lost it.  So for some time now, i've been trying to find "replacements" for the doggie.  Joe's mom got the dog from Walmart 2 Easter's ago.  I even emailed Walmart a year ago, seeing if they still had any extra dogs in storage that I could buy...yes I am THAT paranoid of making sure I find something to replace because I don't know how Emma (or I) will cope once the dog is missing.  I mean, she is always holding this thing...ALWAYS!   
SOOO a few nights ago, I was just on-line, looking up random stuff.  I was on ebay looking at stuff and then I got the thought to see if ebay would have a THE dog.  So I looked up "Walmart Stuff Animals"  and started looking through all the stuff.  Then I came to this post:
Two Stuffed Easter Dogs, both for $7

I couldn't believe it!  It was the exact same dogs!  And even better, I found 2!  I was so excited, I bought it right then before someone else who was in need of 2 easter dogs would get it...okay, that seems unlikely but I couldn't take my chances.
And better yet, now Kate can have her own doggie too.  She has been constantly trying to take Emma's dog from her.  It's really funny because Emma will get so mad.  So this will solve the problem.  So I gotta hand it to Ebay for allowing this dream to come true!
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