the end...

Not the end of this blog.  Yes, i'm aware of the lack of participants this blog is experiencing right now.  I haven't given lots of effort into it since the blog shop opened.  But as months go by, I get more anxious and panic attacks about the shop.  I don't know if I can handle juggling that and family life.  I hate having to neglect children or housework to sew something together.  Before, I was up for the challenge of making and selling nursing covers but honestly, the thought gives me even more butterflies!  I just have to be honest with myself.  I can not juggle things I'd like to make and being a mom and homemaker.  I've tried it and looking back, I was in constant stress and worry all the time.  I have realized that I like to make and create things not under a time contraint.  I like to make things when I like to make them.  So I think i'm out....okay, let me re-phrase that.  I am out!
I have tons of things that I need to work on and do at home and with my girls.  And personally, I feel that that is much more important than making a few bucks on the side, right?  I honestly feel so much better about this decision.  But this is just me.  Honestly, more power to those who can do it all.  But I'm just not one of them.  So hopefully with that said, i'll have many new things on this...but let's not hold our breath anytime soon :)
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