let's hear it for the boy.

It's here!
He's here!
The day has now come and gone...details on that tomorrow...maybe.
But I had to post pics of the birthday boy in all his adorable-ness
22.10 lbs (50%)
33 inches (95%)
(my bets is he'll be a football player or basketball player...either one  will be fine as long as he's the star ;) )
 He likes: most foods ALL. THE. TIME. vacuums (especially when they are on...i'll post on that later), throwing, kicking and picking up balls, baths, eating, running out the door, climbing up and down the stairs, opening and closing trunks, cabinents & drawers, to be held, his 16x16 blanket, anything silky, his binky, being outside, loud noises, peekaboo, pushing strollers around, his parents very much.  his sisters very much too.

 He doesn't like:
food with weird textures, not letting him go outside, taking a nap when he's not tired, falling on his head, not being picked up by mom or dad.
 Even though I said having three kids was hard, it was totally worth it.

 Would do it in a heartbeat.

this adorable trunk was $6 at a local thrift store.  Toys were antique store finds for only a few dollars each.

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