no-picture post

here i sit, another night, at the computer.
This is how i unwind.  
Yet the house doesn't like it when I do that because it feels neglected.
cry me a river, house.

I'm at a weird place right now.
I am very humbled and blessed right now in my life.  I can say with all confidence that I KNOW God is aware of me and my little family.  He is aware of my troubles and problems we face.  He wants me to be happy.  It's a constant battle to do what's right.  But it's a battle worth fighting for.  To see the blessings come into my life makes me feel happy and inadequate because I know I will never be able to repay Him.
He LOVES me unconditionally.
But life is still hard at times.  Which sucks really bad.
I wish it could all just blow away!

As far as our future?


Could it take any longer?  

We have some plans in the works but things are moving at a snails pace.
And we are bound by contract to not speak of specifics or else.....death?  slap on the wrist?  I don't know the penalty.  But it must be something serious, right?

Anyways, so I am not complaining too much here.
We are truly blessed with a home, job, friends, food..etc...
but i long for something permanent.  
Where I can DIG deep and settle down and start working on my home.
I know it'll come soon enough but i am only human.  
I want mmmmmoooorrrreee!
(thank you Ariel)

Anyways, I would and do have pictures to Emma's princess tea party...but I am on Joe's computer because Luke broke my power cord for my computer.  So I am hoping tomorrow, that'll come.

but on a side note, we went to Dentistry for Kids today for the girls and Emma did SO GOOD.  I was amazed.  You know me and Emma.  I have always been worried that she'll be stubborn and freak out...NOPE.  She befriended the assistant and did everything she told her to do.  Plus they had Beauty and the Beast playing on their TVs that they could watch lying down in the the tv's were suspended from the ceiling.  super sweet.
Kate, on the other hand, would not have it AT ALL.  I had to hold her arms down just so the dentist could just look in  her mouth.  Poor girl,  traumatized.

I've always been worried about Emma with new things and she amazed me today.
I've always been NOT worried about Kate with new things and she shocked me today.

huh. weird.

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