Emma's Princess Tea Party

Boy this has been in the works foreva! 
I mean, I started preparing for it a couple of weeks before the party BUT in my mind, like a year. 

And I was nervous how things would go down. 
Yet i have come to realize a few things:
-5 year olds could care LESS about the intricate details of a birthday party
-tried & true games are still TRUE.

But the OCD that I am, I could not allow her party to happen without it being PERFECT...in my mind at least ;)

Exhibit A:
I got these bird cages from Michaels for $1 each.  I cut out some birds and placed them in the cage then hung them from the chandelier.  The kids loved that. 
I do too. 
They are still up and I'm leaving them there.

 I made her another barbie doll cake, like the one HERE and if you want to try to make one, go HERE.
she wanted to use her "good" Belle barbie for it but I would not have it.  You know, I do try to have her toys last longer than a week...
So i grabbed some fairy doll at the dollar tree...
scary, isn't she?  but she was small enough to fit perfectly :)
 I wanted to have the girls bring home a party favor that didn't go straight to the trash.  So i thought it would be fun to make some crowns.  I asked their mom's beforehand what their daughter's favorite color was and went from there.  I am a felt crown pro now! (tutorial HERE)

 Ready to crown each girl as they arrive.  They also got to pick a necklace to wear ;)
 Food table, partially filled. 
I'm missing the fruit tray adn the chocolate pretzels (tutorial HERE)...they were there ready to eat but just hadn't been placed on the table.

On a side note, I had a lot of fun decorating this area. 
I found the plates and candlesticks at goodwill and made some cake plates (tutorial HERE)  i found that adorable cat/cookie jar there too. 
I used my cricut for the 5's and "E". 
I grabbed some doilies from the dollar tree. 
I had that table cloth that I got from my grandma. 
I used napkins from the Dollar Tree to make those puff balls that are hanging from the ceiling.  (I am a pro at those too.  I made like 20 of those! Tutorial HERE)
 So as the girls came in, I crowned them and directed them to the table to color.  I originally planned on printing out some princess coloring pages but my printer ran out of ink!  So I just had blank paper and they still did awesome!
Once all the girls were there, we came to the main room and played "Kiss the frog on the Lips" aka "pin the tail on the donkey"  Joe drew a large frog aka prince naveen ;) on some tissue paper.  I then traced it with a sharpie on green scrapbook paper.  And that's the end result!  It turned out aewsome.  I cut out red lips for each girl and initialled them.  They had fun seeing where their's ended up! 
Next was the tea hot chocolate party! 
I grabbed each girl a tea cup and saucer from good will.  I found a cute little tea pot too that I used to fill up.  I used the crock pot to make the large quantity of hot chocolate.  Then we had them go get food from the table.  I used pretty much crap food.  but I figured it was a party so I did'nt care.  The pink marshmellows were a big hit!

During that time, I painted their finger nails!  They loved that too.  i'm sad I didn't get pics of the activities but I only have so many hands!  Speaking of which, than you Megan for helping me out!
Next was the singing and candles!

Then opening of the presents!

And at that point, time was up!
Emma was estatic about the whole thing and loved having all her friends there. 
Each girl was adorable all dressed up!
I had fun too getting creative since it's been awhile!

I have been definitely burnt out from this, but it was worth it!
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