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I was asked again by CSN Stores to do a $35 review on their products.  I have done them before and was really excited to do it again!
So where to begin?
CSN Stores have everything...i mean EVERYTHING.
Kind of overwhelming to choose 1 item.
So i started thinking what I needed around here...
Well since i'm an upcoming furniture Refinisher ;)
I needed a Palm Sander....
So the search began...and it was over because I found it like that!
Of course they had one...they have everything.
This baby was only $25!
The came right when I was working on my dresser so it was perfect.  I used it to distress it and I love how it handled.  Very user-friendly and easy to put sand paper on and off.

So I had some more $$ to use...so as I was browsing, I found this fun game:

It's called Tippy the Turtle Game.  I thought it was so cute and perfect for the kids.
So I ordered them and lickity split, they came quite quickly to my doorstep...(seriously like 3 days later)

THe girls LOVE playing this game.  They play it on a daily basis.  They pieces are real wood and great quality.  Perfect to help kids with colors and cause & effect.

It was a great purchase from CSN Stores.
Definitely recommend looking at their stores for what you need.
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