Anything Virtuous

imagine my surprise when i found out i've been featured over at Anything Virtuous
Anything Virtuous

Now granted, she is my cousin. 
I had the great pleasure of moving to the same city she lives in for a year.  I sadly moved away a few months ago (and miss her so bad)
She showed me all the ropes of it.
I had so much fun that year and majority of my memories are shared with her.

But putting all that aside, she is incredibly talented in all things:
writing music

this list does go on and on.

And Anything Virtuous is her little baby.
It's an amazingly uplifting blog. 
What a breath of fresh air in today's chaotic world!

Here's the lowdown about AV:

PS isn't she gorg?

I earned a B.A. in Communications from Brigham Young University. After working in and out of television news, law firms, and substitute teaching assignments, I'm now a professional mother. When I'm not hanging out with my ridiculously adorable son, I'm blogging, scrapbooking, writing music, or singing.
My sincere concern for women young and old is what drives me to do this. Through my experiences in work and life, I am quite aware of the messages that women are pelted with every day. I'm tired of feeling down or disgusted when I open a women's magazine or see images on TV or the internet, and I want to make a positive difference.

I created Anything Virtuous to offer a site that shares helpful tips and thoughts, uplifts its readers, and lets them know about other great sites and products out there. I also wanted a venue to share my thoughts for my future daughters, and also for every other woman regardless of her age. I believe we are all daughters of Heavenly parents and that we ought to be reminded of it often.

Since I was a teenager my motto has been to positively motivate others through words and music. I am constantly working on both and strive to "make each day a little better than the last." -- Cheryl C. Lant

YES she is really like that. 
Thanks Steph for the shout out for The Crafty Clique!
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