puckerbrush farms pumpkin patch & maze.

Saturday, we hit up our local favorite farm to do some pumpkin-picking and mazing.
The kids were so excited to pick their own pumpkins out of the patch.
Luke was in dirt heaven too.
 Sun was a liiiiiiittle bright, eh Kate?
 This was when the witch appeared with some apples.  Kate did not approve and thought she was real.  She was yelling at Emma to not take the apple.  I spy Kate....
 Gosh, I love this picture.  I want to make it into a poster or something.

 Found this in there too. *wink*
 Attempting to carry her own pumpkin.  "I can DO IT"
 Oh the joys of taking pictures of all three at once...

 see the dirt?

this one was a good one...sans emma's digging 
 this was a good one too sans Joe's "i always am blinking in the BEST pictures" eyes
thank you puckerbrush farms!
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