This past weekend, we headed south.
Spur of the moment, we decided to check out a practice for sale in CO.
So we went down to UT, dropped the kids at my parents house
and headed south some more.
this was my view for majority of the drive....
but it was sure nice not having kids with us....(love my kids...just not in the car for 12 hours)
 I love how the land changed with every hour
 anyone know where we are?!
this was my first time at the "hole in the rock" attraction.
we had to stop.
 I may or may not have gotten excited when I saw this...
 later mater...that's funny.
and I just noticed my "cheerleading" arm.  seriously 2 years of my life and it still affects me...
 Here's me in the car...with my signature picture move...
Me:  hey Joe, look over here"
Joe: "huh?"
haa ha sucka'
 then i got bored and started taking pictures of my ring and experiementing with the camera.
i was really impressed with the detail!...and my ring ;)

 Then I got bored and took another picture of me.
We looked at one in SW Colorado.  We were impressed adn liked the area but not our top choice right now. 
We left for this outing Saturday and got back to WA on Wednesday night.  It was a quick trip.
Now we are settling back to our routine.
One major thing going on is that Joe has an interview tomorrow morning for a job over in central WA.
we want this really bad....i want this really bad. 
we're hoping it goes well.

Other than our future up in question, we are doing super!

here's drooly-face McLuke to show you how good we are doing.


Joe did awesome with his interview and was told "he's tied with another candidate but slightly higher ranked"

The guy is interviewing other applicants but that's a good sign!

Keep us in your prayers!

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