Demo Night!

I think it's safe to say that everyone knows who Ana White is.
It's also safe to say that she rocks my world.
I love what she does & how she inspires!
I want to make everything on her site.
And when she posted this earlier this year, I was obsessed!

Look how awesome they are for so so simple!
Well I am taking it into my own hands.
And I want you to be there with me!

I will be doing a Demo Night!
We are going to make these shelves.
December 9th @ 7:30
which, coincidentally, is my birthday.  So come play with me!

So anyone in the Tri-Cities, WA area who would like to join, please come!
We'll be doing a Tool School 101, Safety measures & Having fun ;)

Anyone interested, email me and i'll give some more information about it

*** we are strictly following Ana White's design and give her full credit.  You can learn how to too, if you can't come to the Demo Night.  Go HERE to her website for instructions.***

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