So here's what I got so far....

Seriously, you guys are amazing and thank you so much for giving me awesome ideas...
So here's what I got so far...

Now all these are courtesy of Target, except Luke's sweater...TJ Maxx :)

Joe's pretty much self-explainatory.  I chose the top sweater because the colors were closer to the rest of the purples in our outfits.  The other sweater's colors were not true to it's picture.  It was more of a wine color. It didn't go at all.  Oh well, eh?

Emma will be sporing the grey sweater dress with fun grey tights with diamonds and hearts and black ruffle boots.  And a black headband

Kate will wear that adorable purple cardigan, purple plaid skirt, sparkly black tights and grey flats.
Luke will sport the diamond grey sweater, over a long sleeve grey collared shirt with grey corduroy pants, with black boots.  And a black headband.

Purple Cardigan, black ruffly shirt, and grey pencil skirt...which one though?
With those adorable ruffle heels.  I will sport some bling and a headband of some sort. 
So should I wear tights?  Black tights?  Grey tights?
 What do you think?!

Seriously all your comments helped me so much in getting a vision for these pictures.
I can't wait to show you the final result!

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