Quick n' Easy Job Chart

So this has been in the works for sometime.  I"ve been wanting the girls to be involved with cleaning...so I don't have to do as much...cough cough
anyways, i've scowered the web for ideas.  I found some good ones but nothing that just fit for me.  So I decided to just make my own.  If it doesn't work out, oh well, i'll try something else :)
I decided to do a morning and nighttime chart.
I will be placing these in frames and then they can just a dry erase marker to check off their chores when they finish them.

Originally, I was going to stick them on magnet boards but for 4 charts, it seemed pointless and too much effort on my part.

I ordered them as 11x14 prints as costco.
I love them :)
Best part was that it was so cheap.
free Photoshop trial
free downloads (shabby princess & digital downloads)
prints came to about 2.50 each. 

Speaking of organization, I want to do some sort of Reward system...any good ideas?  beans, tickets, jewels, coins etc etc?!  I would love to hear ideas!
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