Day 19: Thankful For Music

Don't you love when you hear a song that you instantly want to hear over and over again?

I love Music.  I love that it does that to you.  You get excited to hear something you love, or you know the words to.

I have always loved music.  Even when I was in elementary school, I would listen to the Lion King soundtrack over and over again as I went to bed.

As I got older, when I would clean my room, I would blare the music, open the window and get to work.

When I was sad or depressed, when the guy I was in love with liked someone else, I would just lie in bed, listen to sappy, depressing music really loud and just think.

Music has always been my constant companion.

Do you love music?

Let me tell you about a website that I think you will like then.

It's called Passionista Presents.

Now, this isn't an endorsement of any kind.  I don't think she even knows who I am.
But I love her site that much.

Each month, she puts together a mix of her favorite artists and songs, mostly artists that probably most don't know about.  Yet they are so good.

I leave it on on my computer as I clean my house. I wish I had them on a cd so I could listen in the car.

And at the beginning of each month, she gives you a chance to win that month's mix.  Pretty cool huh?

I am thankful that music has been part of my life.  I guess I can thank my Dad, who has a large array of records and cds that he had playing always in his study.  I guess it rubbed off on me!
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