Day 21: Thankful for Deep Cleaning

I wish it was natural for me to clean correctly.  It would make things much simpler.
Instead, I quick clean, which neglects the corners and other areas that most don't notice.
But then over time, your house starts to feel "blah".
And in my case, it doesn't help that my house was built in 1910.  Yes, it's been remodeled but it still has that feel.  The Layout itself screams "old".  My living room is the size of most people master bathrooms.
So on top of age, we've got size issues.
We've been in this house for 11 months.  Over those 11 months, I've collected and hoarded finds.  I admit that I have a problem.  I have a "garage sale and thrift store" problem.  So with my hoarding and lack of "a good deep cleaning", my home was beginning to feel very cramped, cluttered and overwhelming.
I've known this problem and on my own, I've tried to fix it.  But it never was meant to be.  There was no way that I alone could fix this problem since I was the one who started it. 

So when my husband, about a month ago, said we needed to do a full haul to our house, I was SO RELIEVED.  He knows my problem but he himself didn't know what to do.  He grew up where nothing was thrown out.  Nothing.  There is no reason to waste things that are still good.   Well I can see the good in that thinking.  But in our case, that was harming us.  So we got to work!

Last week, after sorting through our home, we filled our van completely with junk.  We had folded the benches down and out so we could fit everything.  Our "stuff" completely fill up the van.

Wow.  kind of embarrassing.  Kind of relieving.  Kind of a wake-up call.

A month later, and I can say our house feels so much lighter.  Now, we still have little projects to work on around the home (we are just renting) and we still have our issues that we are working on.  But this experience has opened my eyes to see what type of home I WANT.  The rental I am in now isn't my living's life sentence.  And just because it's old, doesn't mean I can't make it look new.

I was allowing my surrounding take control of my life and way of living.  I am taking back my "Dream Home" dream and how I want my home to look.  I don't have to wait until I have that home to start.  I can do it now.  DUH Lyssa!

Sometimes, you just get so used to how life is that you get stuck in a rut and don't realize what is going on around you.

I'm thankful for this "deep cleaning" experience!  And i'm glad I am getting this out, so that I can read back when my issues start creeping back up...

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