Day 29: Thankful for Friends

I waited for the end to do this because I was hoping I could get some pictures of friends during this month.

But nope.

And that's okay.  I would have a lot of pictures of friends which would have made a very long post.

So a little about me, I like having friends.  I like feeling accepted and wanted and liked.  Who doesn't, right?

The past 3 years have been rough making friends since we have moved every year.  So now, that we are somewhat in a stable place, friends are back in my vocabulary :)

Don't get me wrong, through each move, I've made friends along the way that I still talk to.  It's so nice to have such an array of friends from different backgrounds and places.

If it wasn't for friends, I wouldn't have survived high school, college, dental school, parenting and beyond!

I am thankful for friends through out the years that I have had, to help me grow, love, laugh through the worst and best of times.

I can't list them all but if you are reading this, then that right there proves you are my friend ;)

Thank you!

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