Day 1: Thankful for Preschool

So I want to participate posting something everyday that I am thankful for in the month of November.
To start, I want to write and give a Thanks to Kate and her preschool class.
Kate's preschool class has 5 kids that are all beautiful, happy, fun, silly and curious.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, we meet at each other's home and teach them different themes each week.
This particular week, the theme was apples.  So we went to the Smith's Apple Orchard.

who knows if they even listened to how Apples were gathered and picked...

But that's okay.

I think they'll remember the fun they had running around the orchard, playing tag with one another.

Picking apples straight off the tree and tasting how good they are .

I'm thankful to be part of this wonderful group of mom's and our kids.  They are wonderful together and love learning together.

Thank you guys!
Join me every day this month to see what I am Thankful for :)
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