Day 25: Thankful for Tradition

This was our first year that we celebrated Thanksgiving alone, as a little family with a real turkey.
We were kind of intimidated about the whole thing.
And of course, the day off, we finally read the books on what to do and with what and how long.
Joe was a bit nervous that we were going to blow it.
I didn't know where to start.
But Joe stepped it up and took care of the turkey, while I did all the rest of the traditional food.
seriously so glad Joe knows how to cook!
So here's our beaut fresh out of the oven.  Turned out so great!

What's Thanksgiving without the mess :)  Ha and look, you can see me in the window...kind of scary...

Sneaking a taste ;)

Enjoying our feast!  It was so fun this year because 2/3 of the kids were old enough to know what was going on and enjoy it.  Emma was so excited for our "feast" and eat turkey.  It all turned out so great.

We know have a month's supply of turkey that we can now eat millions of sandwiches.  Then we finished up with Pumpkin & Apple Pie (apple pie courtesy of the Dotson family, who graciously stopped by that morning and dropped it off!  What a sweet surprise!  Emma is going to draw a picture for her.  Thank you!)

Traditions are so fun as a family.  It's a time of our lives where it's crucial to get them started so it gets ingrained in the kids lives ;)

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