Day 3: Thankful for little helpers

What. A. Week.  Tonight, I helped host a baby shower, which meant planning decorations and food.
Theme for the shower was "Sprinkled with Love".  So after looking for ideas on Pinterest, I got to work.
I usually just suck it up and do everything myself.  I have control issues and things have to be a "certain" way, right?
Well, I realized today that I need to break that because I just had way too many things on my "to-do" list.  And seeing how my girls were eager to help, I couldn't resist.

Emma & Kate were dipping & sprinkling masters.  Emma was very focused on the job.  I think she's a little like me.  She likes to create and make it look good.
So we made chocolate-dipped fortune cookies & pretzel rods then sprinkled :)
All you need are some chocolate melts, fortune cookies (or anything you want  dipped) and sprinkles, along with a cookie sheet & parchment paper.

I just use the microwave and melt the chocolate.  Then I dip the cookie in and shake off excess.

Next comes the sprinkles!

Lay them on the sheet and fill it up.  Then place them in the fridge to speed up the cooling process.

MMMMmmmm these are so good.

My girls saved me so much time.  They are so wonderful.

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