Day 9: Thankful for the Flute & the Trumpet

The Flute & the Trumpet
by Emma Zimmerman

There once was a Flute & a Trumpet.  They were best friends.  One day, a Man and a woman each bought the trumpet and the Flute.  The man got in a fight with the woman and they weren't together anymore.  The trumpet and the flute were sad because they weren't going to be together anymore.  

The woman moved away with the Flute.  The Trumpet started looking for the Flute.  He met the Drums.
"Hi, do you want to be friends?" asked the Drums.
"No, I don't.  I'm looking for the Flute"

Next the Trumpet met a Banjo.
"Do you want to be friends?"  Asked the Banjo.
"No, I am looking for my best friend, the Flute."

Then he saw the lady who had the Flute.  She had taken back the Flute.

The Man got the Flute back.
"Yay, we are together again!  We are best friends!"

Then the Man colored both of them gold!
"Look!  We are both gold!  You are my best friend!"

The End.

This story is dedicated, I guess.
Emma made this story up. Illustrations were done by her as well.  I could not NOT record this for posterity's sake.  I love Emma's stories.
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