Halloween 2011

This year was fun because all the kids were old enough to know what was going on and participate.

isn't this picture cool?!  I thought the light in the tree looked eerie. 

Here are the kids before we headed out.
Luke is a homeless man...
Kate was Ariel
Emma was "Snow White getting married"... lol where does she come up with these things?

I even went as far as drew a beard and mustache on his face.  Love it.

Luke got the concept pretty quick and was saying twick teeeet! pretty fast.  But he didn't like putting the candy in his pillowcase.  He wanted to hold it in his hand the whole time.  If Joe or I took it from his hands to put into his pillowcase, he would have a meltdown...he had one at a doorstep and flopped inside the person's home.  it was awesome....

We hit a major neighborhood by our home and then went to a friends Halloween party, where we hung out, trick or treated some more and play Just Dance.  It was a fun night!

However, today is a different story as we are recuperating....everyone needs a nap!
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