It's been a good Week!!

it's been a better week than usual.

For one reason...The Office.
I was so excited about watching the premiere yesterday! I loved that it was a full hour and that my "office" time was back in my routine. The show is justs hilarious and the fact that Jim and Pam are together makes it so much better. For all you office lovers out there, I was at Target the other day and they were selling Office parafanalia in their $1 section. They had sticky notes, magnet lists etc etc. I got a list note pad with the magnet on the back, to write my grocery list on. it says "I Love Jim" all over it and has a picture of him. It's a classico!

Another reason?
Tonight, I was home alone and solely responsible in feeding and putting the kids to bed. (Joe is off camping with the YM tonight) I have found that doing that alone is not hard or scary. I find it easier. I am in total control of the situation and I just get it down. So tonight, both kids were in bed by 7:45. The house was silent by 8 pm...cough cough..yes I said 8 pm...
Thanks to Baby Whisperer and her great bedtime routine for infants, Kate has been quiet and asleep by 8:30 this whole week. It's such a joy to be sitting down, with the kitchen and living room clean, floor vacuumed and beautiful silence. I got a glimpse of how it will be when this is constant and that i'll have my evenings back. It's been a rough 2 months getting here but I think it will be a permanent situation. So i'm pleased about that.

Another reason?

My kids are healthy and growing. I took them both to the doctors for their 2 year and 2 month appts. Emma is doing well as she's now advanced from the 10% to the 25% in weight and height. Kate is growing like a weed, being in the 75%-90% in both height and weight. She had a strong neck and does quite well keeping her head up and looking around. She smiles and laughs, coos and squeals constantly. Me just looking at her will get her into a giggling frenzy. She's just so freaking cute, I can't stand it!! I even started crying one time while I was holding her! She was just smiling and was laughing from just looking at me...I just couldn't hold it in, it was just so precious...

Another reason?

I cut my hair! AHH! no jk it actually turned out really cute. Amber Martin, our fav fab hair stylist in the LV ward cut it this morning. As you can see, I don't have pictures because well, I tried to take pictures of myself but those are just so unflattering. And then I wasn't able to have anyone else take one of my hair so you're just going to have to wait!! That's all i'm saying but it's nice to have a change in looks. Don't worry, i'll get the new "me" pictures posted as soon as I can :) But I do recommend have someone watch your kids while you get your hair cut. I had to take mine with me to Amber's apartment so she could cut them. I brought with me Emma's favorite movie to watch while I cut my hair. Well that didnt distract Emma enough. She was all over the place and trying to grab clips and water bottles, walking in and out of hair on the floor...and to top it all off, she exploded out of her diaper...(she's had a slight case of the runs...) so that pretty much reeked and let's just say Emma had to walk out of there with no clothes...And then Kate was just chillin' on the floor and was good for the most part but by the end she was bored and grew very tired so she was hysterical by the end. So ya, it got a bit stressful but it was worth it. The cut looks so cute and THANK YOU AMBER!! You did a heck of a job!

So it's been a fun, crazy, fulfilling week. Don't you just love those?
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