People under the weather flock together

Well the past couple of days have been hard. Sunday, Emma got a runny nose and we're not sure where she got it. But come Monday, everyone one else is having congestions and itchy throats. Poor Kate has really bad congestion and has trouble breathing, especially at night. So we've been hermits in the house, trying to get well. I'm feeling much better today than before so hopefully i'm on the mend. Luckily Joe didn't get hit too bad so he can focus on school. So that's pretty much it for us. Just the usual things happen to us I guess. Emma has cut out her nap it seems so she has "quiet time" in her room for 2 hours. 2 days ago, I heard some commotion...which is common, coming from her room and I opened the door to find this:

We have given her access to her toys since she gets so bored that she climbs up on the changing table and even have tried the dresser. This particular day, she still wanted to climb onto the dresser. See that third drawer open? When I walked in, she was half way in that. Luckily I came in when I did or else that could have been fatal! So her room gets pretty bad after quiet times...oh well. What can I do? I really don't care just as long as she's out of my hair for 2 hours so I can relax or lay down. I've got the 2 kids on a good schedule. Kate and Emma "nap" at the same time so that's given me an hour to rest or do bloggin right now! But anyways, Here are some pictures of the kids :)

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