The Unveiling...and Post-RS Broadcast :)

HEre is my new hair cut! I really do like it. I like the "bang" look. Again, Amber Thank you!
And Saturday night was the Relief Society Broadcast. It was really fun! Our stake had a dinner and then we listened to the broadcast since the satellite was broken. But it was still good and inspiring. I rode up with Jami, Jazmin and Marcie. It was so fun to be with just the girls, no kids!! I have to say that I greatly appreciate Joe watching both kids last night so I could have a break. Especially after hearing how the night went. Both kids screaming, hungry, crying...Kate initially refused to drink from the bottle because she was sooo tired and didn't ever take a nap when she was supposed to. But luckily he calmed her down and she ate. But he did a great job though and love him to pieces :) Here are some pics of the night!

Here is our HOT drivier
Here is Jazmin. If she looks all giddy, she was. Actually we were all giddy. We ALL had cameras out and taking random pictures just so we'd have funny pictures to post....we are so obsessed with blogging!
And here's me trying to pose all seductive but then everyone made fun so I started laughing. It turned out to be a funny picture and my dimples look huge! Love that!

Getting some ice cream at Marble Slab,
Amber, Jazmin and Jami
Jill, JoEllen and Stephanie
Jazmin and Me! Love this picture...
Ok we got Chelsea, Stephanie, Amber, Jazmin, JoEllen, Jill, Dani, Marcie, Me and Deserae...phew!
Me and Jami!
Had such a fun time guys! Thanks to all who made it out for ice cream, good times!
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