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I have this bad habit of staying up late on-line to check email and blogs...wouldn't it be more beneficial to be asleep by now? Of course but my body has become immune to not having any sleep! So when the days come that I do get sleep, I get all out of whack and i'm way sleepy the rest of the day. Like last night, Kate wouldn't fall asleep until 10:30 but then she didn't wake up till 5:30! So I got a full 6 hour stretch of sleep and I sure felt it the rest of the day...I was just so graughy? grogy? groagy? Spelling anyone? But I think i've figured out how to do Kate's bedtime routine tonight so hopefully I can stick with it and so will she.

I'm also been thinking and exciting for Christmas since we'll be going to utah!!! We got tickets last week and we'll be down there for 9 days. I really am so excited to see my whole family! Just as excited is for them to see my family! JC hasn't seen or met either one of my kids so that will be fun! So since i'll be seeing family, I've made a goal to lose the baby fat i've accumulated from Kate by Christmas. It sucks to look in the mirror these days really. It sucks to find energy to work out right now too. So i'm just hoping that Kate will soon sleep better so I can sleep better so I can exercise these fat demons out of me!

Emma has melt downs pretty much every evening since she won't take frequent cat naps in the afternoon anymore...maybe 3 times a week. Otherwise she's in her room for 2 hours entertaining herself with going through her drawers and climbing around on her bed. And she's got like 20 stuffed animals piled on her bed to "entertain" her as well. So she's not helping the exhausion dilema that I have. Oh well, I htink i've grown accustomed to her whinings that I dont' notice them anymore. Like at dinner today, she had Kix cereal since that's all she'll eat these days. One piece of cereal fell down in the crack of her chair. She saw it, started bawling, saying "It's stuck!" That happened a couple of times and it takes so much effort to calm her down...it's actually pretty funny thinking back oni it. She was so traumatized by this 1 piece of cereal, as if someone had died or something...Oh Emma, when will you ever learn?

I have pictures but they are on the computer that is currently being used as Kate's bedroom so that's just not going to work right now. And seeing how it's approaching midnight, i'll wrap this up real fast. But I just wanted to write everyday stuff that's been going on...ciao!
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