Some Form of Motivation

Well, it's that time of my life again....Post baby time. And with that comes the "get rid of that baby fat" phase. So how will I do it? Well i'm not going to eat crap like I tend to, like eat ice cream for desert every night. As tempting as it is, I have decided to disipline myself to not even go there. And second, work out as much as I can. My method? Core Secrets!!
This is what saved me back with Emma. When I got pregnant with Emma, I wasn't really in shape at all. Then during the pregnancy, i gained 45 lbs!! So afterwards, I ended up being 15 lbs heavier than when I started. So I was determined to lose the weight and get into shape. So then began the Core Secrets workouts. I think I was blessed with extra "umph" to work out every day that I could. I started January 06 at 140 lbs and by Sept. 06, I was down to 117!! Talk about losing weight. I was so proud of myself!! I really enjoyed working out, doing Core Secrets and I hope to do that again! Here's what it's all about:
As you can see by the chart, you work out with an exercise ball and hand weights. You work on 4 different areas throughout the workout, alternating them so it gives a nice balance.
When I got pregnant with Kate, I weighed less than when I began with Emma but the end result was the same. I am at 140 again. It probably didnt' help that Emma was 5 days early and Kate was a week late!
So I started working out Sept. 21, 2007 and hopefully sooner than later, there will be some progress. So i guess that's why i'm posting this on my blog, to kind of give me an extra push to losing the weight. But I highly recomment Core Secrets to anyone who is looking to lose weight. It's a great product and deal. Check out their website!!:
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