So yesterday went pretty well. I started the day off by cleaning my house and it was in dire need of one. Next I was able to go to my friend, Rachel's baby shower in the afternoon and it was so fun! She got lots of cute stuff. Good Job Christine for doing that, it turned out really cute. I know you put alot of work into that so pat of the back for you! So as fun as that was, the highlight of my night was in the evening. Courtney and Mark Ellis, awesome friends that we have, came over to babysit so we could finally have a date night. They came over around 7:30 and of course, the one night of the whole existance of Kate was she crying and wouldn't eat!! So it took us a bit to head off, get her calmed down.

So what did we do, you ask? We went to Sea World!! I was so excited because, yes we have been to Sea World many times but with kids. So that meant purely the waterpark...no rides! The park was open until 10 so we had about 2 good hours to run amuck through Sea World. Plus they are doing Hallow-scream. They've got the park creepily decorated and they even had a haunted forest!! Right when we got there, we ran...seriously, we were running (the chances of going to Sea World again without kids for us are really really slim so we wanted to ride everything we were wanting to before the park closed) to start going on rides.
This is our faces after the Steel Eel! it's a little wind blown!
Our first ride was the Steel Eel. That was crazy! I was nervous/ excited since it's been a couple of years since my rollar coaster days...mainly from Lagoon and they don't have anything like the Steel Eel there. And Joe made me put my arms up the whole time..which was hard on the slopes since I felt like I was falling out! But it was so fun to do that! The next one we got on was the Great White? I think that's what it's called. On this ride, your feet dangle so that was fun. THis one had a couple of loops and crazy twists. It was really fun too. We both were just screaming and laughing. It was so fun to be all silly :) This picture is cool. The black light they had in the Haunted Forest made me teeth purple!!
We found out when we got there too that most of the rides closed at 9 so that's why we were running. So once we rode the best 2 coasters, we headed to the Haunted Forest. There was a pretty long line but it moved pretty fast. I expected it to be cheesy and not scary since there so were many people. Yet it had me jumping and screaming a great deal! It was pretty fun...and Joe and I have never been in a "haunted" activity like this! it was pretty fun to just have him there and grab when I got scared!

After that, we headed to Journey to Atlantis, the onl y ride open till 10. We were like the only 2 on the boat and we chose the wettest seats possible. The ride itself was pretty lame....but the huge splash at the end came as a huge shock ( I didn't expect it to be that splashy!) I was funny that we were drenched and it was pretty cool outside so we were freezing. Then we had enough time to go to the last show in the park...it was a "scary" Shamu show or something like that. It was pretty cool.There are some pictures from the Shamu Show

Here is us on the way out of the park..we are wet, cold and a little tired. But it was so worth it and it was so fun doing something just us!! (nothing against the kids..still love them!)

Phew I just realized that I've been writing a novel!! I'll cut it here. But thank you thank you thank Courtney and Mark for babysitting and don't be surprised if we plan something again with you :) But seriously, I don't think you know how much I appreciated your offer!
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