Joe's Flag Football Game Day

Every now and again I like to take random pics of the kids, like all of you, to show growth. So here are a few from yesterday.
Giving Kate some Tummy Time!
This one is hilarious! I was sitting there taking pictures and Emma runs over and lays on Kate like this. As you can tell from the picture, Kate really didn't like her head being squashed! It didn't even phase Emma :) But it's really cute and tells a great story!
Look at those Chubby Cheeks! Ok so later yesterday, Joe had a Flag Football game so I got all of us ready and headed out to watch. I was so excited cause the game was early enough that I could come. So we get there only to find out that the other team didn't show up. So it was a forfeit game. I was so bummed! But I still took pictures of Emma running around, taking cones and balls :)
Touchdown!She's on a mission. She always looks like she's up to something...

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