Girls Night In

L to R: Jill, Courtney, Me, Marcie, Jazmin, Jami and Jamie. Not pictured who was in on the fun was Karrie and Christine..Oh and Karen...;);) Thanks again Christine for hosting!!
Well we had a fun night Friday night with the ladies. We all went up to Christine's house for a get together. It was really fun and just hilarious. It was about time for one of those nights. I didn't really take a whole lot there and plus, I htink the shirt I wore made me look 30 lbs heavier than normal so I am trying not to post lots of pics with me wearin it. but good times ladies :)

Here's another little project I just finished. I made some invitations for a baby shower coming up. I must say i'm pretty proud of myself for completely making it up all on my own, no help from magazines or anything! But that's kept me busy the past few days, which is good. Busy is better than bored in my case.
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