Pumpkin Carvin'

Jed and Rachel Bassett invited us over Saturday night to carve pumpkins! I was so excited to go because I love doing stuff like that! I haven't carved pumpkins for years and now having a family, I just really excited to make it a family tradition now. As it turned out, Joe ended up doing all the work while I watched the kids but it was still fun!
Here's everyone getting started on emptying out the pumpkins..Jamie is really excited about it :)

Joe hard at work with our family pumpkin

Emma is trying to carve something...yes she has a sharp object!

Emma again just trying to do something adultish

Emma's next attempt was rinsing off the pumpkins..what a great helper!
We moved inside since it got dark and did the face shapes inside
Krista, Joe and Jed at the begining process of carving..Rachel is hard at work too...;);)
Here's our Spidey pumpkin. Joe did such a good job!
owww scary!
Here's all the pumpkins L to R:
Dials, Smith's, Zimmerman's, Bassetts, Ray's and Blacks.
..if you look at Jami Black's pumpkin, you will notice it is a vampire...which she freaked out when she saw it since she is obsessed with Twilight and vampires so it was really funny. She was awared the "Most obsessed with a book so she carved her pumpkin like it" prize!
Here's the gang who all were there. It was so much fun! Thanks Bassett's for inviting us! We had a blast! Hope all goes well in the upcoming weeks!!
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