And All Was Quiet...

Jaime B. did a post a while back of all her kids and husband asleep at the same time during the day. She took pictures of them. I really like stuff like that, like taking pictures of kids and babies asleep. They are just so cute! So a few days ago, I found myself in the same situation. So I decided to take advantage and get some pictures taken.

On the occasion that Emma falls asleep, it ends up being on the floor! It's so strange how things will just change for no reason. But I snuck in and found her buried under the blanket on the floor. It was hilarious finding her like this so i'm glad I took a picture that day!
Here is precious little Kate. Can you see what a chunk she is? I mean, she's as big as the bassinet!! And as you can see, I bundle her up pretty snug so there's no chance of moving:) We like a sleeping baby!
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