Baby Boy Quilt

I was going to attempt to write a tutorial on this but there is just no way....I am no skilled Quilter and my mom helped me and gave me a ton of pointers...too many to even organize in my head!
But I just wanted to show off a bit....
lol I am so proud...maybe a bit too much....

But hey, this is a rare occasion to have made a quilt!

Anyways, this is for the much anticipated birth of our first boy in the family, after having 2 girls...we needed a change!

It took me probably a total of 4 days to do.
The hardest part was the binding with hand stitching it all the way around.
I got all but one piece of fabric at Just Sew in Highland, UT. Great staff! They pretty much were my slaves for 1/2 while I figured out what I wanted! The one fabric that I didn't get there, I got at The Stitching Corner...the green with brown polka dots.

I chose 8 different pieces of fabric that I would be cutting into 3 1/2 inch squares. Some of the fabrics, I got more for the borders. I think I got a quarter yard of each for the squares fabric and then added more for the border fabric. I wish I could tell you exact measurements but it was all calculated at that store. I was serious when it was a big deal to make a quilt! I had no idea how to start!
ANyways, after all the squares were cut, then I laid them out of the floor to made the design of the quilt. I made sure to take a picture of the order of the squares incase I had to put them up...Ok, so that's as far as I can go...
Pretty much sew the squares together, then sew on the borders around that, place quilt top, batting and backing together with safety pins, cut them together and then sew on the binding...

I did get some pointers at Old Red Barn Co so you should check out that site.
But I loved how it turned out and can't wait to put the little guy on it!

I linked this to Twice Remembered Make your Monday! Check it out!

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