Nursing Cover Tutorial...redone.

There are a million Nursing Cover tutorials out there. They are all great. Frankly, nursing covers are not hard. You could figure it out.
I really like this one from Little Birdie Secrets
They do a great job on step by step's and lots of pictures. I recommend doing that one.

Now don't get me wrong. I love boning and what it does for the nursing cover, but it still bothered me how thin it was and that it would still flop over.

So I got to thinking...
About a year ago, when I started my nursing cover venture, a friend of mine let me borrow one of her nursing covers to use as a guide. See, the one she let me borrow didn't use boning, but used interfacing on the fabric, really wide interfacing. I was a little intimidated by boning so I wanted to try interfacing. The only problem was wearing out and being folded in half for storage, it was getting a permanent crease in it.

So I made a few with interfacing but was expecting for it to not hold it's shape. But things got crazy busy for me so I haven't done anything since. But I did buy some boning.

So flash forward to now, being 7 months pregnant with a different gendered baby. I want a new "boy" nursing cover so I have put the 2 ways of making the nursing covers into one.
Cool huh?

So if you look at my nursing covers closely, you will see that there's about 3 1/2 inches of stiff fabric, with boning at the bottom, so that it doesn't flop over but stays stiff so that I can see my beautiful baby boy and only I will see him ;)

So how did I do that? It's kind of complicated but I hope I can explain it.

-Cut out a 7 x 14 inch rectangle of interfacing.
-Take 1 yard of fabric
-whichever way measures longer, cut off 4 inches from that and that will be your neck tie pieces.
-I placed Terry cloth in the bottom corners of the nursing covers, which you can follow instructions in the above tutorial link.
-From there, hem three sides, 2 side edges and bottom edge, of the fabric. I usually fold a small piece and then larger and hem.

-Leave top unhemmed.
-Take top and measure 3 1/2 inches from top and fold over and iron.
-unfold and place the interfacing rectangle, hamburger style, right at that crease and center it on the fabric.
-Iron it on, following interfacing directions.
-Once cool, fold the fabric over again on the interfacing.
-Now you are going to sew a straight line, about an inch wide from the fold all the way across. ---Next you will sew the bottom edge of the piece so that the boning can slide in .
-sew from one end to the opposite end of the interfacing rectangle instead of the whole piece of fabric so it'll be easier to slide the boning in.
-Take your boning and cut it 14 inches long.
-Slide it in the space and position it over the interfacing. (Make sure the bend of the boning is opposite as how you usually need it for a nursing cover because you'll flip it over)
-Finish sewing the rest of the fabric across then sew fabric shut so boning doesn't slide.
-Then Fold over the fabric about 3 1/2 inches, or half of the interfacing so now the whole interfacing is covered by fabric.
-Sew it closed, about 1/4 to 1/8 inch space from edge because you'll be sewing down boning and you want to make sure you don't hit the actual plastic.
-Then sew shut edges of the interfacing and then around the boning.
-Then Follow directions for the neckties from link above and you should be done!

I keep forgetting to take pics on all these steps so they are all words. Let me know if you have questions but I think this is much better than just boning!

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