Felt Crown Tutorial

Today I am going to teach you to make a Felt Crown. They are super easy and so so cute. They are perfect for birthdays, Christmas or just for dress-ups!

Now I can't take the credit from this. I got the idea from Melissa Wood, who then emailed me instructions on how to put it together. But the embellishments are totally me :)
These crowns are great because they can look like how you want it!

-8 1/2 x 11 Felt rectangles: 2 sheets for base, 1 sheet for 2nd smaller layer and/or additional sheets for embellishments. (You can have more layers or less, it's up to you and the look you want)
-Sewing machine - if you don't have a machine, I would imagine a hot glue gun would work for this.
-Matching Thread for machine
-Decorate cutting scissors, like scalloped or wavy (optional)
-Head-bonded Velcro
-2 small pieces of iron-safe fabric

Decide on colors you want for the crown. I got my felt from Michaels but I know they are at Hobby Lobby.

-Take your 2 base sheets and put them together so they match up.
-Sew up one of the short edges (8 1/2 side) and open it up.

-Fold it hot dog style so it creates a long piece of felt.

-Cut you crown how you want it to go. (I did 3 spikes and left the back flat because I later put on some velcro to adjust it and didn't want back spikes to not match up and look weird...but again, up to you.)
-Sew close all edges.

-Take a second layer sheet, fold it hot dog style and cut it in half.
-Then take one of those pieces, fold it Hamburger style and cut it in half again.
-Take those 2 pieces and put them on top of the other intact piece, line them up and sew both short edges together.
-Open up both sides so now you have a long, narrow piece of felt. If you are wondering why we didn't do the same thing as the base layer, it is because I didn't want the middle sewing line in the middle of the crown on both layers. This way, it's a smooth look.
-Lay that on your base crown piece, take a pencil and draw how you want the 2nd layer to line up. If you want the base layer to still be seen, you want to have it shorter.
-Once you have the pencil lines drawn, get your scissors and cut it out. ( I had a decorative roller cutter so I just cut it out with that, hence the wavy cut)
Once it's cut, pin it on the base crown and sew it on.
-If you want another layer, now is the time to do it. But I didn't.

**If the above paragraph is confusing, look at this picture and it'll make sense, like the cutting of the 2nd layer piece etc.**
-So now onto the embellish part of the crown. This is where you can be creative. I've see lots of things. Head on over to Etsy and see what people have done. I've see polka dots or a white circle with a sewn letter in it. There are so many options. You can also sewn on ribbons. Cute ideas!
So whatever you decide, just pin it on and sew it on. That's what I did with both the "K" and the swirlies. I hand drew the swirlies and then sewed them on the crown.

-When you are done with the embellishments, then add your velcro to the back. There are many different types of velcro and how to attach it. That's up to you! I sewed mine on.

And There you go! An adorable crown :)

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