How to get Circut mats sticky again

A few months ago when I bought my Cricut I realized that the mat does not stay sticky forever... so instead of buying a new one I wanted to figure out how to make it sticky again . So I went online and did a little research and I found a great link on how to do it. I've done it a couple of times on my old mat and it's worked wonders for me.

A few pointers:

you do want to try and get everything off the mat before you apply ZIG to it.

I used GOO GONE and it worked perfect! Just spray it all over on the mat let it sit for a couple of min. and then scrape it off with a sponge.

Once you get the glue on do let is sit and dry for a few hours before you get paper back on it again. I made the mistake of only letting it dry for 20 min. and the paper got stuck! had to do the process all over again after that.

I bought the ZIG 2 way glue at Michael's Craft store and used their 50% off coupon ...yay!

It has saved me some money so far! I hope it works for you!
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