Busy Week

Last Monday began the busy week. It was Joe's Birthday. He turned 30! It was low key, nothing fancy really. We don't know anyone really to make a party of out it. But I did buckle down and make this:

Which was from this site.
Yes, I see the vast difference there is in the two cakes. If only mine looked like that. But I'm proud of my lopsided, crack-down-the-middle, chocolate wonder.
And I tell you what, it was worth the hours of preparation. And we did end up inviting over some neighbors and my cousin to help us eat it.

And of course, the girls loved it.
You don't want to be near Kate when she's hungry and there's chocolate involved!
Thursday was our 5th year wedding anniversary...and as everyone has been pointing out, 5 years and almost 3 kids later...yes I am well aware of how many kids I have at this point and proud of it! Honestly, it was meant to be. Who knows if I would have had these kids if I would have waited. I can't imagine life with out them!
We didn't do anything spectacular on the exact date but my cousin babysat for us on Friday night so we could go out to eat. We went to tuscan grill called Brio and it was REALLY good. No pics though...i'm lame like that.
Saturday, I woke up early and headed to another stake's ward swap where I got LOTs of baby boy clothes...probably enough to now not worry about what he is going to wear everyday. And the best part was they were all free! Just look at what I got:

Look at CUTE these are:
And speaking of good deals, I got this for $10 on Craigslist. It works perfect. Definitely needed right now!

And here's some precious pics of my Eldest big girl and I. She is definitely getting older since he actually stood by me and held still while the camera did it's thing.

And she got into her preschool, Tuesdays and THursdays from 1-3. Not a big fan of the time, since it interferes with Kate's nap but I can work around it. That was what I got picked with so I am happy that she got in at all. Definitely growing up before my eyes...

And here's me at 29 weeks. I finally was able to see a doctor after 2 1/2 months of no prenatal care here. Ya...it was starting to get a little scary! Everything looks great and he even told me that if my body was "a-go" as early as a week before my due date, that he would induce then...

which I almost jumped across the room and hugged him.
I don't to even want to experience what I went through with Kate...1 week PAST my due date and I STILL induced...come on people!

Let me make it easy for you...I don't go into labor alone. Induction is the only way these babies are coming out so why not get them out earlier than later!? K thanks...
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