Onesies and other stuff

I made my first onesie back in March for a baby shower. It was just too simple! I would have made more but had to get everything ready for the move. But I have been collecting onesies to do for baby #3. Here's a few I did last night. Again, so simple. I just followed the instructions on the Heat n' Bond that I bought at Hancocks. You can buy that stuff at any craft store.

Then a few simple things i've done around the house. I got this at Hobby Lobby for like $2. It was originally black but I repainted it then sanded it down. I like the antique look!

And this guy, I originally bought it for THIS. But forgot to bring a magnet at the store so when I got home, I found it wasn't magnetic. So instead, I made it into a display platter. It was just an old silver tray.
Looks great in the kitchen. I lightly spray painted it to keep it still looking old. Then I put vinyl on it. The tray was, I think, 50 cents at DI...not to bad!
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