My girls

I have been truly blessed. Although most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing as a mom, it doesn't mean I can't enjoy it when I can.
Emma & Kate make me want to be a better mom. They are beautiful, special and MINE. Something about that makes me feel very humble and blessed to be their mom. They both are unique and make my day with their sweetness.
Oh Kate, I enjoy you being in my life SO much. You are a true sweetheart that loves to show affection anyway you can. You will tackle Emma down just to get a hug! But you are a mischievous little tease and love to make Emma scream. You love that type of attention. It's quite comical to watch them "play". But watch out for her temper. She's got a fierce one. If Emma pushes her, she'll scream, "NO PUSHING, VERY NAUGHTY" lol like she's got all then pent up anger inside, dying to come out at anytime. She makes me laugh.

She is very observant and catches on to things that you wouldn't thing 2 year olds would get. She is shy in public but at home, she is a chatter box and is very clear on what she wants.

People think she is latino because of her dark features and skin...maybe she can get into the latino market for modeling...just kidding!


My little Emma. I can't believe she's almost 4 years old!

This is a very sentimental post and I'm getting some tears.

I thought I would be fine having my kids grow older. You know, more experiences, watching them learn new things. But there comes a point where Emma isn't my sweet little baby that I began with when we started this family. She's this sensitive little sweetheart that seems misunderstood and has all these battles in her head as she tries to figure out her emotions and become socially fit to successfully interact with other kids and human beings.

Emma is our little social butterfly. She will approach anyone and just start talking to them. It's a bit uncomfortable for Joe and I since we aren't like that so we have to make sure she's not being too annoying. But she has no fear when it comes to talking to people or asking them to play with their toys. But she's cautious with the unfamiliar.

She is just ready to grow up and I am realizing I am not yet ready. I enrolled her into a preschool the other day, which is just 2 days a week for a couple of hours. Emma was SO excited to be inside the school and wanted to go to school right then. It surprised me since this is the girl who has a hard time going to nursery alone. But she's ready to be more stimulated, educationally and socially. I just love this little girl so much. She is beautiful inside and out.

These two are best friends and I love watching and listening to them play laugh together. It makes it all worth it!

And these two little girls are going to have a little brother and I know they are going to be great sisters. They are so excited to have a baby brother and always talk about it.

I am truly grateful to be their mom.
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